Friday Prayer (Jummah)

We hold Friday Prayers in our main hall weekly, led by Imams, come join us at Fusion's Main Hall.

Every Friday-

Sermon: 1:00pm

Athan: 1:40pm


VISION: To provide safe and family friendly space for kids, youth, adults and seniors

MISSION: To strengthen the community as a whole by providing services for:

Children and youth development

Children and Senior day care

Promoting healthy lifestyle and Preventive/Holistic Medicine

Social services – food pantry, visiting sick in hospital

Family services - including counselling and matrimonial services


Engage a large group of Muslims that currently go to a mosque ONLY 2-3 times/year (Mosque Study 2010– Dr. Ihsan Bagby, sponsored by Hartford Seminaries and CAIR)

Provide a “safe space” to seek counsel and discuss taboo subjects

Provide services for the elderly as seniors often feel neglected by the community, both in terms of religious and socially services

Provide Islamically appropriate athletic and artistic youth programs

We are located at: